My 2018 Content List: The full list

For quick access to see what I wrote in 2018

Joel V Zachariah
5 min readDec 30, 2018


I realized it is not easy for people to discover old content I write so I figured why not collect them together for easier access? Below are all the 50 articles with a gist of the same.

2018 recollected!

1. The Week That Was

An introspection of each week that passed by, with collection of resources and fun facts.

2. Introspective Ideas

Thoughts that I put into words that are more conceptual and technical.

3. Pursuit of Opportunity

A collection of opportunities I pursued to understand what it is and apply or the same.

4. Under the Coding Hood

Coding related content that I have been involved in actively.

5. Philosophical Ideas

Philosophies about life that I splurge in the form of words and thoughts.

The experience writing these articles has been quite fulfilling. Thank you for patiently reading through the content work I have shared here on Medium. I look forward to writing more in 2019, and I hope you do as well!



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