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Finding the meaning in bitterness

Unclogging your mind to see why it hurts and learning from it.

It is not easy. It never was and it never will be. That rejection that you did not expect. Or the unexpected response to something trivial and predictable in nature.

Confusion fills the mind and failure is a word that keeps reappearing while trying to comprehend what just happened. Yet, a very few of us manage to see beyond the gloom and dull time and understand what went wrong. This reinforcement to their belief makes them stronger tomorrow.

We live our lives avoiding failures — which makes it harder when it comes at an unexpected moment. Sometimes it is alright to cry. Sometimes it is alright to feel weak. Sometimes it is alright to feel vulnerable. It is only human to feel that way and natural for the course of life to traverse ups and downs.

But years later when we look back, you will see that it was these better moments that made you stronger. It might have felt unfair back then, but circumstances will reveal to you what you missed and what it might mean for the rest of us.

We learned why we should not touch fire by daring to feel the flame of the candle. An act of foolishness and it might leave scars, but if you are willing to look beyond the pain and find the reason, you will find the unspoken message between the lines.

It is said to experience greatness, one must endure true bitterness. Hatred paves path for revenge and anger but forgiveness and introspection will help you see beyond the horizon and find the core reason before the sun sets so that you may sleep in peace.

This is a big world where we live in. Every one is racing to the top and life is not fair. You might find over 99 reasons to crib about it, but if you hold firm to the one as to why you should brush it all aside and wipe your tears with a smile on your face, it will unlock an entire array of possibilities to pursue.

Forgiveness is a vital key at this juncture of life. When you feel bitter about someone for what they did or say, rage will blind your actions. Yet with some slow breathing and introspection, you will in time learn to forget the past.

Sometimes you will blame yourself for the trouble that may have been caused. None of us are perfect and these imperfections are what make us unique in many ways.

The key remedy to bitterness is forgiveness — of oneself and others. It is an art to practice and live by. You can either choose to live every day sulking about how unfair life has been to you or turn the coin to be glad for how things move favoring your purpose.

To conclude, remind yourself that we are together in this world to help and love everyone unconditionally.

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