Is the cause truly above the self?

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if I’ve penned on this topic previously — I suspect I have given how much headspace this topic has occupied in the past. Regardless, here is another attempt to clear my thoughts to give students some clarity of perhaps relatable dilemma’s in priorities at University.

I promise this will be the last time I write with a nostalgic look back in college time. Now that the batch of 2021 graduated, it is high time I let go of my undergrad memories from occupying every possible digital space. However, this is perhaps the last matter I want…

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The Science behind Networks is one to closely examine

Imagine you are tasked with creating a university course timetable — such a manner that it meets all set constraints without conflicts. If we are dealing with a handful of courses perhaps its doable. However as the number of courses increase, manually keeping track of the schedule becomes near impossible. How would you approach this problem?

Of all the subjects that I was introduced to during my Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Graph Theory was the one that piqued my interest the most. …

The last of the regretful series.

If you have read the remaining ones on this kind, you probably know how this goes — I reflect on how the time went in the last one year in the hopes of providing clarity for someone who wishes to learn from my hindsight.

However, this one is different — in the fact that the circle is completed and now it’s an open letter to those at the end of the path from those at the beginning. Just to clarify, by freshman I mean the ones who join college in their first year mainly — not to be mistaken with…

About 4000 days ago I guess. PS: Faith is a pretty young woman today. No need to mention my handsomeness right? Something special for the series finale…

It was good while it lasted (on Medium) | TWTW #101

Tuesday (18/08/2020)

Watched Revenant in the evening, after talking to 5 juniors in the evening, which was after a meeting with Anand and Sachin — who brought me to speed about the work they are working towards.

Wednesday (19/08/2020)

Watched Body of Lies in the morning.

23 weeks of Corona break + Penultimate one | TWTW #100

I have covered 700 days of my life now!!! Now all we need to do is wait for the Robot revolution to study all this and make my immortal clone before the end of this century :)

Last 20 or so were probably boring for you haha. It’s been a transformative journey so far — with lots of realizations and discoveries in the process. I wish someone else tries this process after I conclude my time in Medium (only a few more months until I fully shift to to continue my explorative journey)

I’ve decided to write one more…

Week #22 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #99

Saturday (01/08/2020)

Conducted hour long interviews for the juniors. They are quite good at it. And so can I with regular practice.

Made a pitch deck for Learning Cell for our college.

Sunday (02/08/2020)

Akshay suggested participating as a squad for the following event>

Click here if interested!

After family chat at 11, had a Learning Cell discussion session at 12 to see if TA’s program is a viable attempt. Started interview sessions at 3.30 PM. It went on till 9.30 PM — pretty engaging yet tiring! Grateful for the opportunity.

Monday (03/08/2020)

Woke feeling quite tired — probably because of all those interview sessions. Had an hour…

Week #21 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #98

Saturday (25/07/2020)

Worked long hours to complete Travel Restrictions problem of Facebook Hacker Cup competition. While it looks like sphagetti code, I am proud of the intricate working on what I made on my own! But the joy was shortlived when I realized someone completed it in 5 minutes on the leaderboard. Looks like I have got miles more to go before I truly gain control on the problem solving aspect.

Attended two webinars:

  • AlumConnect (MEC alum network) to interact with Mr. Divakar Bhat.
  • CETA (Dad’s alum network) to interact with a ’78 batch alum.

Honored to have a network of support…

Week #20 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #97

Goals for the week:

  • Complete the DEBATE Club App
  • Make significant research progress for Mettle Project and Food Project
  • Improve on my competitive programming skills

Sunday (19/07/2020)

19th week of COVID-19 Break | TWTW #96

Monday (13/07/2020)

Nirmal came over today. He is a buddy of mine from school — it sure was fun to reconnect with him. He watched a lot of Netflix content and had recommendations for me apparently.

Got the goodnews that my Reddit giftee received the delights I sent.

Tuesday (14/07/2020)

Attended a webinar organized by the placement cell of our institution — an interactive session with Mr. Rasheed, an alum of our institution.

18th week of COVID-19 Break | TWTW #95

Monday (06/07/2020)

Woke up feeling mildly tired. Watched a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist anime and played quite a bit of chess.

Tuesday (07/07/2020)

Don’t recollect anything specific.

Wednesday (08/07/2020)

Attended 5.30 AM session of the Interview prep team call. It was actually very useful — with mock practice sessions and knowledge sharing, there is a little of everything for everyone.

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