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All good things come to an end

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Undying momentum and the secret behind surviving

Is the cause truly above the self?

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The Science behind Networks is one to closely examine

The last of the regretful series.

About 4000 days ago I guess. PS: Faith is a pretty young woman today. No need to mention my handsomeness right? Something special for the series finale…

It was good while it lasted (on Medium) | TWTW #101

Tuesday (18/08/2020)

Wednesday (19/08/2020)

23 weeks of Corona break + Penultimate one | TWTW #100

Week #21 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #98

Saturday (25/07/2020)

Week #20 of Quarantine Break | TWTW #97

Sunday (19/07/2020)

Joel V Zachariah

Uncovering value in testing times | | Reach me at

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